Tuesday, July 26, 2011

How to starch a white shirt

Usually I would call my mom to share such random thoughts, but she isn't answering her phone tonight and Ryan is out playing basketball. So I've decided to turn to my blog.

After 2 years of Ryan being in law school, I may have just found the biggest con of having a lawyer husband... They need a freshly ironed white shirt EVERY day!!! I've never enjoyed ironing and we rarely do it in our house. Ryan has a really annoying habit of using the dryer as an iron(and a closet). He does a load of laundry with all his shirts, then leaves them in the dryer. When he needs a clean shirt, he just turns the dryer on for a few minutes until they are all wrinkle-free. This using the dryer instead of an iron thing has rubbed off on me. It's so much easier and quicker.

So Ryan has been in Washington DC for an internship the past 9 weeks, and just came home to start another internship here. He's done all the ironing so far. Tonight I decided I'd do him a favor and have his shirt all ironed and ready to go for tomorrow. When I saw the can of starch sitting on the ironing board, I started having second thoughts..I had no clue what to do with the starch! The only time I've ever used it is when I was making a quilt. I tried calling my mom to ask, but noone answered. I wasn't sure if the starch went on the whole shirt or just the collar, or how much to use. So I lightly coated the whole shirt, all the time wondering why white shirts needed to be stiff anyway. It wasn't until I was finished that I thought to google "how to starch a white shirt". I didn't see anything too useful, but I did learn that starch helps to keep a shirt from getting wrinkled so quickly.(according to ask.com)

So back to the con of Ryan being a lawyer.. I do NOT want to be ironing white shirts the rest of my life!!! Once was more than enough! And I have a feeling that it will probably become part of my wifely duties at some point(assuming I passed tonight). I guess all I can hope for is that Ryan will become less picky about his shirts and we can start using the dryer technique for white shirts as well! : )

The end.


twhalliday said...

lindy, this cracks me up! i need you around more often. Sounds like you will have to get rich enough to take the to a dry cleaner and they will have it nice and pressed for him. so go buy like 10 shirts take the to the dry cleaner :) i hate ironing also. i NEVER iron any of my clothes. trent does all his ironing if he needs it.

The Crisps said...

What? Your husband does laundry and irons?!!?!? I have never seen my husband use an iron...of course, he doesn't have a job that requires him to.

Lorelle said...

Lol...Lindy you are too funny! Oh, and we totally use our dryer as a 'closet' too and every morning instead of ironing my scrubs I toss in a damp towel for a few minutes since I'm too lazy to iron! It's my morning ritual :) If it works, why not? Good luck with the white shirts! Luckily John can look like crap at his job so I'm off the hook! Haha.